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What We Do

Pregame Events works with professional sports teams who are looking to drive attendance and give customers a unique game-day experience. We work with these teams to produce and market unique events that will encourage thousands of fans, who otherwise may not attend a game, to do so.

While some of the events are family friendly, the majority target 21-40 years olds, the demographic most likely to attend live events. The customers we bring out are ideal for stadiums as they encourage their social networks to attend with them, they come with the intention of spending money before the game, and they share their experiences on social media.

Pregame Events will

  • Develop a cost-effective program that will attract the proper audience
  • Develop pricing models and ticket schedules
  • Assess current supply/demand and momentum trends to determine optimal times to increase prices
  • Create a suite of marketing materials
  • Put together a standalone website (e.g. SoxCrawl.com) for each event
  • Create and manage a Facebook event for each event
  • SET UP AND EXECUTE a marketing program with the option for an interactive social media campaign, brand ambassadors, influencers, and more
  • Handle all event-related customer service inquiries via email and social media
  • Assist with or fully handle (depending on the team’s preference) with the pregame planning and logistics
  • Assist with or fully handle (depending on the team’s preference) with the day of event production and execution
  • Provide photographers and videographers and post pictures/videos on Facebook to encourage social media engagement after the event

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What Our Partners Are Saying

“Pregame Events has been a great partner. Their fresh ideas and successful marketing practices have led to an overall increase in attendance and we look forward to growing our relationship.”

Travis A. Pollio - Boston Red Sox
Senior Manager, Group Sales & Promotions

“Pregame Events [has] collaborated with us the past 3 years to create new, exciting events that engage a key demographic we sought to gain traction with. Their guidance and willingness to bring new ideas to the table have made them a valuable partner.”

Jeff Bogacki - Chicago White Sox
Director of Group Sales